Lonesome Valley Farms Valley of Terror Attraction

Sunday, Oct 27, 2019 at 2:00pm



Haunted Hayride With Maze Trail:

You are in the middle of NO WHERE!!! It's dark, it's scary and it's terrifying!!!! This haunted hayride takes you across the fields at the "Slotter Farmstead" and includes a Haunted Maze / Trail that will shatter your nerves & have you looking over your shoulder throughout your experience. Are the spirits around every corner real or just part of the show??? There have been real spirits spotted at the farm in several locations.

Slotter Farmhouse and Barn:

Trying to escape the gruesome happenings at the Will B. Slotter farm, you will soon discover that there is nowhere to escape.. Over the years this was a thriving productive farm. Three generations of quality crop and livestock production. Then one day, in an effort to produce a "superior" breed of livestock, something went terribly wrong. The crossbred animals began to mutate into aggressive, flesh eating creatures, devouring Will and mutilating his family." The mutant creatures are everywhere. The farm is in the middle of NOWHERE. The Slotter boys have become mutilated men who are trying to survive. They are gruesome and unreasonable. They began capturing passers by to feed the insatiable cravings of the creatures. It is the only way that they themselves can survive.

As the years passed……the Slotter family has become more and more "disturbed" with each generation. Even the farm itself has begun morphing into a twisted, cannibalistic warp in time. If you visit the Slotter farm, be very careful not to slip into the time warp because you… Will Be Slottered


Dark - 10pm Fridays & Saturdays
Dark – 9pm Limited Sundays

Combo Ticket (Both Haunted Attractions ) $25 PP

Non-Haunted Attraction:

The Get Lost Corn Maze - $10 PP


7pm - 10pm Fridays & Saturdays

Pumpkin Patch Playland:

No ghosts or goblins. Just Halloween Fun

2pm to 6pm (last ticket sold at 5pm) Last Hayride at 5:30pm

All children 12 yrs and under must be accompanied by an adult

ALL ONE PRICE $10 ADMISSION - Adult or Child

The Big Get Lost Corn Maze, Hayride, Barrel Train and Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch Playland includes:
Gravel Pit, Giant Slide, Small Slide, Tetherballs, Spider Crawl, Steer Roping, Crawl Thru Tubes and more.