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Philadelphia Zoo

3400 West Girard Avenue


Advance discovery, understanding and stewardship of the natural world through compelling exhibition and interpretation of living animals and plants.

More Than Meets the Eye

Throughout its history, the Philadelphia Zoo has played a monumental role in educating the public about exotic animals, promoting and participating in worldwide conservation efforts for endangered wildlife, and providing exceptional recreational opportunities for families.

Today, the Zoo is reaching new heights in all areas of its mission as a conservation, education and recreation organization. Its state-of-the-art animal exhibits and health-care facilities, award-winning education and conservation programs, recreational opportunities, guest services, scientific accomplishments and historically significant venue make the Philadelphia Zoo one of the world's most renowned zoological societies and gardens. The Zoo is also the Philadelphia region's leading family attraction, welcoming more than 1.1 million visitors a year.

The Zoo uses all of its unique and compelling features to inspire people of all ages to action and leadership in support of wildlife conservation.


Nikki Bender

Sunday, July 1, 2018
Great variety of animals, all of which seem so happy and well-cared for. We love the interactive exhibits! I was also very impressed with the level of staffing. Everywhere you turn, there's a zoo staff member offering their service or sharing an interesting fact about a nearby animal. This is also a very clean and well-maintained zoo, with plenty of shade. Beautiful landscaping!

Katya Gordon

Monday, June 18, 2018
LOVE THE ZOO! We are members and went today to see the new red panda and giant river otter habitat. They did a great job with it. If you taking more then one adult and one kid and are reasonably local, spring for the membership. It will save you money in the long run and going to the zoo is a fun way to spend the day. The zoo is geared towards conservation and appreciation of the amazing animals we share our world with; my nieces and I always learn something when we go to the zoo.

Johanna Palacio

Sunday, July 8, 2018
We went to the Philadelphia zoo on Sunday. Absolutely loved the experience. All the exhibits looked very well designed, the zoo360 was wonderful. We got to see a tiger using it, a mama gorilla with her little 2 year old baby gorilla. The staff was very helpful and answered many of our questions about some exhibits. We got to see the 🦒 giraffes ! We couldn’t park inside but the walk from the area across the bridge wasn’t far from the south entrance. Amazing keep up the good work!

Noemi Martinez

Friday, June 22, 2018
I expected a bigger zoo, but it is still a great. It's more confusing than most, but I believe that has to do with it being the oldest zoo. There is a garage and several parking lots to accommodate all the people driving into town. I've only ever seen them completely full once. It is great for children of all ages. There are only two big hills that may be harder for seniors to tackle, but other than that...The walking around is pleasant. The petting zoo is a big plus! It lets the little ones interact with other kids. There is also a large playground to give parents a rest. And you can't forget the swan paddle boats. $6.00 a person for 15 minutes. Believe's worth it. Not the best zoo, but certainly entertaining.

Oscar Rosales

Friday, June 29, 2018
What a delightful place! Lots of shade on the walkways. Animals seemed to be well cared for. Innovations like the system of cage runs where the monkeys can run around the park through the trees. Informational lectures at different exhibits throughout the day. Rented an electric scooter that had plenty of power for the inclines and good battery life. Ability to bring in our own lunch cooler, drinks and snacks kept the cost reasonable. Grandson got tired before he got bored. Wonderful family day.

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