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Advance discovery, understanding and stewardship of the natural world through compelling exhibition and interpretation of living animals and plants.

More Than Meets the Eye

Throughout its history, the Philadelphia Zoo has played a monumental role in educating the public about exotic animals, promoting and participating in worldwide conservation efforts for endangered wildlife, and providing exceptional recreational opportunities for families.

Today, the Zoo is reaching new heights in all areas of its mission as a conservation, education and recreation organization. Its state-of-the-art animal exhibits and health-care facilities, award-winning education and conservation programs, recreational opportunities, guest services, scientific accomplishments and historically significant venue make the Philadelphia Zoo one of the world's most renowned zoological societies and gardens. The Zoo is also the Philadelphia region's leading family attraction, welcoming more than 1.1 million visitors a year.

The Zoo uses all of its unique and compelling features to inspire people of all ages to action and leadership in support of wildlife conservation.


Lynette Johnson

Tuesday, April 3, 2018
Very enjoyable. Loved the baby gorillas. Surprised at the number of animals we didn't see since the temps were above 45, but spring is a little hit and miss. There was an interesting individual there during our time who walked up close to multiple families including ours while continuously and loudly speaking to himself-strange but harmless.

Matt Jennings

Sunday, April 1, 2018
This place is so exciting. So many great animals to see. On a warm day its fun to see the otters splashing around and the polar bears swimming. The ape house is always fun with the lemurs and gorillas. So many learning places so you can learn about your favorite animals. Alot of workers if you need help. The Zoo Balloon was a fun ride you can see for miles when you are up there, such a cool sight. The big cats are great, the petting zoo, and the penguins are fun to watch. There are workers all over the place, I asked for help and they were very resourceful. Overall a fun great place.

Danielle love&peace

Thursday, April 5, 2018
Its a great place as long as your child has no speial needs ...I will never return to this place my Autistic now 9yr old then 5yr old was physically and verbally attacked by both children and their parents and staff did nothing to help even after I had shouted for someone to please call security afterward I spoke to a assistant manager and told her that I would no longer feel comfortable coming and to please issue a refund on my membership she refused stating certain days and times that I should bring him because that would be better for someone like him I then called multiple times asked to speak to the manager or the owner and emailed and never got a response to this day I am afraid to take my child there....I am happy the others have fun and feel safe.... but it's not a place we will ever go again you know one of the saddest part about that day was one of the so-called mothers who told her 12 yr old to shove my child then turned to me and told me that she worked with autistic and it was people like me that gave them a bad name...

Paula Huffman

Thursday, April 5, 2018
We live in Ohio, so to say we understand when weather is cold is an understatement. However, even in Ohio the zoos offer an off-peak rate. I understand some animals will stay inside to keep warm, however there was no viewing indoors. Asking at the front, I was told a majority the food/souvenir/ shops do not open throughout the week- and some not at all until peak summer weather.We saw a total of 7 animals in 3 hours (not including barnyard animals which we can see everyday). Lemonade stand closed, face painting closed, no gorilla, no red panda, no giraffes, no rhino, no hippo, no otters, no tiger, no orangutans, no chimps. Aside from one hot dog stand and one pretzel place near the entrance, only ONE food area. Seating behind where you order only 15 small tables. Tiger food area has three restaurants, three different registers at which to place your order, but only one single door at one end so good luck waiting in line for food, hopefully it's the one you want. No help in or near restrooms, employee I asked was unsure where the closest restroom was and when we found it, it had no soap. We tried speaking with the supervisor on duty- I genuinely felt like she heard not one concern my husband and I raised. She was a smartass, which was the awful icing on the $90 for tickets cake... we have traveled to a dozen zoos and this is by far our worst experience. This is the first zoo built in the United States! It has so much potential and it was so disappointing and disheartening to see it falling so short of even a mediocre experience.

Ariana Bawerman

Saturday, Feb. 17, 2018
We visited this zoo in the fall and it was an enjoyable experience. It's not too large that it can't be done in one day, but not too small either. Beautiful fountains and foliage fill the landscape while the animal exhibits educate and entertain. It seems like not a lot of money and effort has been put into making the zoo a top attraction for locals and tourists. There's such a variety..... something for everyone. The paths through the zoo are shady and pleasant for strolling. Over 1300 animals are featured. It was very nice, clean, animals well taken care of. It is the oldest zoo in the U.S.

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