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World of Little League: Peter J. McGovern Museum and Official Store

525 Route 15 Highway

The mission of the World of Little League®: Peter J. McGovern Museum and Official Store is to inform and educate people about the history, service, goals and initiatives of Little League Baseball and Softball.

This has been achieved by obtaining and curating artifacts and archival materials from the world’s largest organized youth sports program, and carefully presenting them in a way that is both informative and entertaining.

Hundreds of these artifacts on display are organized for research and educational purposes, and are used in exhibits to be enjoyed by people of all ages. Thousands more are curated in the archives of the museum.

The Little League Baseball® Museum originally opened in 1982. Each year since then, it has welcomed tens of thousands of visitors.

The museum was closed for a complete renovation from September 1, 2012 until June 6, 2013. As a result, the World of Little League®: Peter J. McGovern Museum and Official Store was transformed into one of the world’s finest sports institutions. Its re-opening kicked off a 14-month celebration of Little League’s 75th Anniversary.

The focus of the museum shifted from simply telling the story of Little League’s past to a more dynamic presentation of how Little League has intertwined with U.S. and world history, and even helped to shape history. The museum explains how Little League became the world’s leader not only in the number of participants, but in sports safety as well.

The Little League story unfolds in a self-guided experience that follows the concept of a six inning Little League game. The exhibits feature a rich mixture of authentic Little League heritage, artifacts and images, cutting-edge interactives and immersive media. All of this brings home the overall mission of Little League Baseball and Softball, which is to provide these sports to as many worldwide communities as possible.

The museum experience begins and ends with the Official Little League Store. Visitors wishing to experience the museum, as well as those who simply want to shop for the perfect gift or souvenir, are welcomed throughout the year.


Brian Buschman

Saturday, Aug. 11, 2018
Great little Museum located right on Route 15. Very easy to locate and it into. Staff was very helpful. Exhibits showed a good mix of things you sit and wash and things for children to interact with. Recommended for folks with children or others that are just interested in Little League baseball.

Julie L. Bakley

Friday, June 29, 2018
Amazing collection of baseball memorabilia, including famous individuals who were once little leaguers! It's a family oriented, hands on, experience

michael allen

Saturday, July 14, 2018
Drove up here as part of a day trip and stopped in.The admisson price was good The staff was very kind and friendly and were very knowledgeable on the subject matter of the museum and the history..The museum itself was very clean and the layout was very good all the interactive displayed worked (which is a big pet peeve of mine when they don't).The museum shop had a good selection of merchandise at decent prices I ended up getting a pin.I would go again

Sharon Richards

Thursday, March 1, 2018
Excellent representation of the reach out to kids, good show on how girls were allowed into the program, glad it was all on one floor. Only thing missing was more interactive projects, i.e. batting cage, rate of speed of a thrown ball. But, other items were presented. Excellent place to show people who are visiting our area. Veterans are free!

Gary Ginocchio

Sunday, Aug. 5, 2018
I loved it but my 15 year old grandson was not thrilled.

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