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Slifer House Museum

Slifer House Museum
80 Magnolia Drive

Eli Slifer was born in Chester County in 1818. He was the third son of Abram and Mary Coulter Slifer. The family moved to Union County, during which time Mrs. Slifer died and Abram remarried. In 1831, Eli lost his father and stepmother, and was sent back to Chester County.He returned to Lewisburg at age 16 and was an apprentice to a hat maker, but soon turned to the canal boats of the Susquehanna River. While working this trade he became acquainted with the Frick family, including Catherine who later became his wife, and William, who became his business partner in a canal boat building venture. Ultimately, he formed a successful company that manufactured farm equipment and machinery.

Eli lived in the house until his death in 1888, and his family continued to live there until 1908. The house was purchased by Dr. and Mrs. Lamont Ross, who in turn sold it to the Evangelical Association in 1916. The Evangelicals regarded the house as a perfect location for a home for the aged. Dormitory wings were added to the building, and in 1926, the Evangelical Hospital was founded within the confines of the structure. An orphanage was constructed on the property in 1921, and in time, residential and nursing care apartments were constructed, as well as a skilled care facility. Thus the complex now known as RiverWoods was begun.Today, the museum is owned by Albright Care Services, and is overseen by a voluntary Advisory Board. It is staffed in part by residents of the retirement home community.

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