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Northumberland County Fair

Northumberland County Fair
3920 State Route 890


2019 marks the 20th annual Northumberland County Fair! Our goal is to bring local families together to share the historical traditions of our agricultural community.

On display, you will find products from home, garden, and farm. It’s not so much about the prizes and ribbons (although they’re fun, too) but about learning from each other. Just listen as you circulate through the displays, and you’ll hear, “I wonder what tomato variety that big one is?” or “How on earth did she get those stitches so perfect?” or “I’ll have to talk to him about the breeding of that outstanding heifer.” If you don’t learn something at the fair, you just aren’t paying attention.

It all began in 2000. The original concept for a county fair came from the County Cooperative Extension Committee in the late 90's, when a concern was expressed that funding for youth programs (4-H) was possibly in jeopardy. Each county has an extension committee, responsible for oversight of local extension offices and personnel. Funding comes from a combination of county, state, and federal budgets and is sometimes rather uncertain.

The idea was (and still is!) that a county fair would provide an exhibition venue for 4-H and would contribute financial support to the program. Although a few neighboring county fairs could service Northumberland County, a fair unique to this county was desirable.

Moving from 4-H to the whole family was a very short step. Now the fair includes garden produce, needlework, canning, baking, and agricultural exhibits of all kinds, from the kids 4-H patch through Dad’s prize pumpkins.

In its first few years, our county fair was held at the All Home Days grounds in Elysburg. Eventually, scheduling issues led us to search for a new site. We utilized the armory in Sunbury until 2013. Uncertainty about the fate of that facility led us to seek another venue, and Tall Cedars Grove near Seven Points has been our new location for 3 years.

The Northumberland County Fair is a non-profit organization, produced by dedicated volunteers. They are from many fields: agriculture, construction, sales, medicine, entertainment, food service, and more. Each brings a unique gift to the fair. New members are always welcome!

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