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Mount Pocono - Mount Airy Casino Resort

312 Woodland Road

Here the excitement is always at its peak with over 1,800 slot machines and table games. Take down a poker pot, hit a blackjack or double your dollars with a roll of the dice. If you want action, you hit the jackpot.


James George

Monday, March 26, 2018
Located in the beautiful Poconos, Mount Airy Casino Resort is yet another attraction for tourists and locals to visit in the area. Of course, much of the fun is meant for the adults. Mount Airy boasts the only non-smoking casino floor in Pennsylvania? The only problem is that the non-smoking floor is not separated from the smoking sections in any way other than signs which are not even enforced. So you'll still get that she'll it smoke all around you anywhere on the casino floor. The golf course right on the premises is one of the best in the area. The grounds and course are well maintained. The holes offer a challenge for most players to have fun. The hotel rooms at Mount Airy are remarkable. They're clean, roomy and well decorated. The beds offer good support and comfort. The higher end suites offer separate living space and bedrooms and nice upgrades to the bathroom as well with multiple shower heads and a jet tub. Besides everything else, Mount Airy is also a good neighbor. During the 2018 "bomb cyclone" that hit the Poconos pretty hard, Mount Airy offered shelter and space for many stranded commuters. The staff and management were kind and caring to ask who sought help. So, you can feel good about visiting Mount Airy.

Alexa V

Saturday, April 7, 2018
I was pretty disappointed in my visit. If I want to do a casino I generally do Sands Bethlehem, but I don’t really like it there, and I had the idea in my head that Mount Airy was much better. There isn’t anywhere to get a cheap bite to eat, like a slice of pizza or something. And the casino is tiny—I felt like I had circled it 10 times in an hour. They don’t have good beer available for those on the casino floor, only Natural Light, but in other casinos I’ve been to I can get whatever alcohol I’d like. I suppose it’s a good place to go gamble if you’re close to Mount Pocono, but we drove from around the NYC area and it feels a little far for how small the casino was. It also seems like most areas are smoking areas, which became overpowering for me after a bit. All in all, it’s only okay as a casino. I haven’t stayed in the hotel, but the hotel portion does look very small. Even in its decrepit state, I probably prefer Atlantic City.

Thermon Dooley

Saturday, Feb. 24, 2018
Great rooms and service. The pool was never crowded, the food is delicious yet expensive. Casino floor was spotless and games were fun to play deposits winning or losing. This is an awesome resort for couples and gathering of friends. I wouldn’t recommend having kids here. There is nothing for them to do except swim. If you are looking for a kid friendly place, Kalahari and Great Wolf Lodge isn’t far from here and they are awesome. Besides that, Mt. Airy is a great resort for adults. I didn’t get to experience the wet bar club. Overall, I give it a four because besides shopping, there isn’t much to do outside of the resort that I found interesting. But don’t go off of my recent review only. If you like gambling, swimming, shopping, and partying, then Mt. Airy Casino and Resort is perfect.

David Titcomb

Friday, Feb. 23, 2018
A real Casino with a real casinos ambiance. The gaming was very good and professional food was tasty but a little on the overpriced side. Room was great comfortable clean. Good getaway during these cold winter days with someone who is special to you. Price reasonable check for online deals.

Alex Burns

Saturday, March 31, 2018
We visit a few times each year for relaxation in a very friendly environment. Gambling floor has everything you could possibly want. Daily buffet is reasonably price with a wide variety of appetizers, entrees, and dessert. Also, high-end restaurant is available for steaks, sushi, etc. Guest rooms are very comfortable for overnight stays.

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