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DelGrosso's Amusement Park

4352 East Pleasant Valley Boulevard


DelGrosso’s Amusement Park. Since its beginnings around the turn of the century, the Park has been a source of family entertainment.

- The Rinard brothers first entertained the public on the Bland Family farm in 1907 when they brought their carnival to Tipton. Twelve years later, Fred Bland opened the park, which consisted of a small dance floor and a picnic grove.

-The Roaring 20’s were prosperous in Tipton. Many of the crowds who came to the Altoona-Tipton Speedway, located just up the road, also visited the Park. In 1928 the Bland Family sold the park to George Rinard, who brought in more rides. He also added a bowling alley and a roller skating rink.

-During the depression Rinard’s park came on hard times and went down hill. As the nation despaired, the park fell into a sad state of disrepair. By the late 1940’s, it had been reduced to a handful of picnic shelters, and only three rides remained in this once glorious amusement center.

-Altoona railroader Fred DelGrosso believed that he and his wife Mafalda could give new life to the Park. He bought the amusement park in 1946 and almost immediately began improvements.


p Simms

Friday, July 6, 2018
This park is awesome. It is very inexpensive and great for kids. What I like about it besides the location is the fact you can just pay for what you want to do. We didnt swim this time and only had to pay for the rides my son rode. It came put to about $1.50 per ride. He is a little guy so $12 was enough to keep him happy. The carousel and train is free for kids under 2 as well. Their food prices are very reasonable as well. The new water park looked nice. The only downside is they require a wristband($29) for admission to the water park even tho I explained I was just meeting my brother and cousin and none of us were swimming. That was kind of a bummer. Other than that the park is great.

bobo beana

Wednesday, July 4, 2018
We had a great time and saved a lot of money by going on a weekday after 4pm. You can save about half price. We let let the kids swim for an hour and a half and then hung out at the rides for another two hours. Not long rides on anything except the big water slides. You can take small coolers so you can avoid paying amusement park prices for drinks. Their midway games are very reasonably priced some costing only a dollar which is very refreshing compared to some parks. They also have free parking and if you are not going to ride you do not have to pay. (Unless you are going into the swim park then everyone must pay.)

Tammy Long

Thursday, June 21, 2018
Get place to take kids. The water park is the biggest and best I've ever seen. The admission is reasonable (29.95 for everything rides and water park) and there are many different coupons and discounts available. The military discount is great (I think it's 25%) and they're really good about it, we didn't know about this, my son who was with me was in the Navy, and the girl at the counter asked if we had anything even a picture of him in uniform, which we were able to pull up on the phone. This is the only amusement park where I would recommend the food, it's really good and very reasonable.

Mark A.

Monday, June 25, 2018
We had a wonderful day in the amusement park. The mid size rides for the 5 yr old "perfect." The food above par, THEN , We got to the water park . They require a full priced ticket to enter weather you're participating or not. Extremely inconsiderate even without considering one's limited condition. Only watched the rest of the day from afar. Reunited for family " Pizza time" tasty & soothing .

Cobenn Bolden

Saturday, June 23, 2018
The park is nice but do not ride the Great White water slide. My daughter and I went down it and I am lucky to be walking. The slide is wide enough for the tube to spin. If there is a weight difference like in our case about 150 lbs the rear of the tube will try to spin around. Once we spun the heavier side of the tube hit the pool first. This caused the tube to flip upon entry of the 3 ft deep pool. I was then head planted into the bottom of the pool. It took the scalp off the top of my head and I had to be carried out on a back stretcher. It has been 3 weeks and I still have pains but I consider myself lucky because I am not sure how much harder of a hit it would of been to paralyze me. The life guards were great and responded quickly and professionally as if they have to do it on a daily basis. I hope this review will educate and help save someone else the unsuspected terror that can happen on the Great White!

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