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Carnegie Museum of Art

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Carnegie Museum of Art is arguably the first museum of contemporary art in the United States, collecting the “Old Masters of tomorrow” since the inception of the Carnegie International in 1896. Today, the museum is one of the most dynamic major art institutions in America. Our collection of more than 35,000 objects features a broad spectrum of visual arts, including painting and sculpture; prints and drawings; photographs; architectural casts, renderings, and models; decorative arts and design; and film, video, and digital imagery. Through our programming, exhibitions, and publications, we frequently explore the role of art and artists in confronting key social issues of our time, combining and juxtaposing local and global perspectives. With our unique history and resources, we strive to become a leader in defining the role of art museums for the 21st century.


Lauren Jname

Tuesday, April 17, 2018
One of a kind! Thoughtfully programmed to create a better user experience. The architecture exhibit is a unique opportunity to better explore the detail and proportions of some of the most iconic works of the ages. They feature changing exhibits too if you're a regular visitor. Something for everyone here.

Brittany Brennan

Tuesday, May 8, 2018
I had a pretty poor experience yesterday at the art museum and am not writing this to complain, but to inform other parents planning on making a trip here. Unfortunately none of their ridiculous restrictions were on their website, or we would have planned our trip different. My husband and I made a 2.5 hour drive with some friends and our two year old to visit the museum and see a special exhibit. Upon arriving we put my daughter in her carrier, just like we have done at every other large museum we have ever visited, only to be told by a very grumpy and rude security guard after he watched us put her in her carrier, that we were not allowed to use a baby carrier. When we questioned this absurd request he threatened to call additional security and then told me I could not take her diaper bag in either, even though we pointed out there were many people carrying bags even larger. Apparently the rule is no bags or items on a back. We offered to let him search the bag and told him we would carry it on our side and he became more agitated. We told him the alternative was a two year old running wild through the museum, which he told us we would be removed for. We were told to carry her, but not with a baby carrier. While I understand that this is a museum policy, it honestly makes no sense and the security guard was obnoxiously rude with us. Had we known this we would have packed a stroller (a no no in most other museums we've been to) or planned to leave her at home. I missed the exhibit I drove to see because I had to sit with my two year old in the hall while she had a melt down because she should have been napping in her carrier. At least if the regulations had been posted, I could have known in advanced to plan different!

Evelyn Sperry

Monday, March 26, 2018
The Carnegie Museum of Art is situated in the same building as the Carnegie Natural History Museum. We were able to visit both. The art side has a fine smaller collection that is easily viewed in a couple of hours. To celebrate Women's Month, they highlight different pieces by women and talk to people about them. At some of the pieces, they have set up an area to sketch the piece to explore it deeper.


Friday, March 9, 2018
This museum is quite large, with varied exhibits. My favorite was the Impressionism gallery, with paintings from Monet, Renoir, and Degas. There was even a Van Gogh thrown in. The modern art was impressive, and there were even a few PGH artists thrown in the mix. But, for all its space and diversity, I wish there had been more of a focused theme for the collection of paintings upstairs. 6/10 would return on future trips to the burgh.

Steve Pierre

Thursday, Nov. 23, 2017
Pretty expansive art collection, including a few modern exhibits and pieces as well. Aesthetically pleasing and very beneficial to the pieces and works being featured. Very quiet environment, not as fun as the history museum but that is another completely different setting.

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