Carnegie Museum of Art

4400 Forbes Avenue

About Us:

Carnegie Museum of Art is arguably the first museum of contemporary art in the United States, collecting the “Old Masters of tomorrow” since the inception of the Carnegie International in 1896. Today, the museum is one of the most dynamic major art institutions in America. Our collection of more than 35,000 objects features a broad spectrum of visual arts, including painting and sculpture; prints and drawings; photographs; architectural casts, renderings, and models; decorative arts and design; and film, video, and digital imagery. Through our programming, exhibitions, and publications, we frequently explore the role of art and artists in confronting key social issues of our time, combining and juxtaposing local and global perspectives. With our unique history and resources, we strive to become a leader in defining the role of art museums for the 21st century.


Junior KellZ

Sunday, Jan. 21, 2018

This is a museum of art and history. Located in Oakland. You can spend hours here and just be blown away by all of the show cases items. There is art from Pablo Piccaso, Vincent Van Gogh, among others. There are many activities for the children to part take in. Arts and crafts, really allowing the children to be apart of the museum. This year it is free on every third Sunday of each month. Highly recommend this for a good educational trip or just to get out and change the scenery some.

Steve Pierre

Thursday, Nov. 23, 2017

Pretty expansive art collection, including a few modern exhibits and pieces as well. Aesthetically pleasing and very beneficial to the pieces and works being featured. Very quiet environment, not as fun as the history museum but that is another completely different setting.

Elke Martin

Thursday, Nov. 2, 2017

Great exhibits but hard to find your way back and forth. The staff apologize for the map provided as that is"less than helpful". Indeed.

Sp McNally

Friday, Sep. 22, 2017

I have feared going back since the last time I was there one of the museum guards ( worker or associate ) literally harassed my family throughout our entire visit. This individual would be far better off working at the cafe or the boo store. He ruined my visit to the museum and I have been horrified to go back. First he does not allow my wife to carry our infant in a baby sling on her back ( while never mentioning it was ok to carry our child on my wife's stomach..which someone else that worked there later told us). Then, he starts following us...and then he actually stops my mother from putting a breath mint in her mouth. If that isn't enough my older daughter was moving and backing slowly towards a painting at one point while I was talking with her and before I could react he comes rushing towards my family like its a 4 alarm fire to stop her ( at least 4 feet away from a painting ). My father is a curator at another museum and he was flabbergasted at the behavior of the individual. I could not enjoy anything else with my visit for fear he would pounce on us again. Horrible experience.

Douglas Kingsbury

Friday, Dec. 1, 2017

Collection of 18th-19th century European art is small but a good representation.