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Life at Woodward Camp is custom designed for you! We strive to provide the absolute best facilities in the world, which attract campers and the top pros from around the globe each and every summer. Add to that the best staff, radical training ideas, and an intensive training program and you have an experience unmatched anywhere in the world, which serves as a catalyst to make you better at your sport!

LOCATED in the picturesque mountains of central Pennsylvania, Woodward Camp is approximately 25 miles from Penn State University and about 3 hours from New York City, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, and Washington D.C.


Aaron Weiser

Thursday, March 15, 2018
I think Woodward is an awesome awesome place. I have been wanting to go there ever since I heard about it. The only problem is the cost. There is no way I could afford the week in the summer and I still have troubles affording the weekend getaway. I totally respect you guys at Woodward. I think what you guys do is amazing and I understand it costs a lot of money to build and maintain a place like that. Personally I think a good solution would be to open up the indoor parks during the week for people to just come and ride during the day. I am very curious to know why you guys don't. Thanks.

Łił Gèørgè

Saturday, Jan. 27, 2018
I’ve seen video on YouTube and this place looks awesome, I really want to visit this place. The only problem I have is that I live in California by San Francisco and I really want to go, I tell my parents that I’ll raise the money and I could go by my self but they won’t still let me. Anybody got other ideas. I’m not giving up

Bella R

Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2018
Woodward is a really great camp! I went for gymnastics, and the instructors are outstanding (especially Tony & Matt!). The facility is wonderful, the staff very nice, and I made so many new friends while having hours and hours long conversations with the friend I went with. The swings outside of the cabins were our favorite spot. One thing, the Olympians that were attending the week I went, I thought would have been with us for a lot more of our mandatory practices. And, not huge, but the food didn't make me and my friend's stomach feel great and didn't provide very much energy for practices (however, coming from those who have weak stomachs.) We opted that with cereal for breakfast, salads with chicken for lunch, and a burrito or salad for dinner. Also the canteen is wonderful for snacks throughout the day if you want ice cream, smoothies, candy or anything savory. But I do recommend bringing your own snacks if you don't want to have to buy from there! Otherwise, my experience with Woodward was wonderful and I loved having the freedom throughout the day to do what I'd like. Can't wait to go back!

nathan shymansky

Wednesday, Dec. 20, 2017
The owners host a group of disabled veterans that I am part of every year and take us fly fishing. The location is great! Close enough to town to get something to snack on but far enough away to feel secluded.

Mallorie Edwards

Monday, Jan. 15, 2018
Wanted to visit the Camp Woodward for years!!! Parents were not supportive of skateboarding so visiting Woodward was never an option until becoming an adult. So when I moved to Pennsylvania for work I immediately contacted Woodward to see how I could come visit with a day pass or something. I was extremely disappointed to find out that it would never be an option. A little disappointed that because someone is 20 years old, has the money and the free will to finally visit there, that they cannot. Now that I'm back in Michigan I went to visit the Kzoo Skate Zoo where I used to hang out, guess what?! They allow people over 18 years old to skate there. Come on Woodward...

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